Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snow Dogs

A new year always feels like starting a car in the freezing cold; it takes a little time to get warmed up again. And since we are in Iowa this week, our car is demonstrating this for us quite well. :)

Yesterday I had some down time during what felt like a small blizzard so Oso and I went on a walk. Oso LOVES the snow. The path we walked on was covered in a foot of snow and it was coming down hard enough that our tracks were covered by the time we turned around to walk back to the car. Of course, trot is a better word for Oso and trudge is a better word for me. It was a nice adventure and I enjoyed staring at the beautifully shaped snowflakes landing on my gloves.

I spend much of my time thinking these days. There is much to think about and our future feels a lot like this snowy path, all gloriously foggy and stretched out ahead of us like a measuring tape. (as mentioned in the previous post)

Thinking...thinking...thinking...it's what I do best, according to my strength finder test. :) Thinking so much that my swirling thoughts are having a hard time landing anywhere as this snow does so easily. I'm lost somewhere between the clouds and the ground, still. When some more thoughts land, some will land here I'm sure. I'll keep trudging down the path in the meantime. Hope you don't mind.


Dave Zeman said...

Make sure you come back to this in summer.

I sure don't understand people who want to avoid winter... it is so intense.

Thanks for the post, it was wonderful.


Nelson Prater said...

Happy new year, Alli! I hope you are feeling well.

I can't wait to hear your new music after the baby arrives.

Blessings to you and yours.