Sunday, March 15, 2009

Songs that move me

Once when I asked my friend Don Chaffer what record he recommend I download from itunes with a gift card he answered, "Ah, whenever I have an itunes gift card I just buy something that moves me." Sounds easy but it makes me think of Tom Hanks in You've Got Mail when he says something (sarcastically) about how easy it is to find "the one single person in the world who fills your heart with joy".

I suppose love finds us more than we find love. And I often feel that way about music. Here is a handful of songs that have found me at one time or another. I remember where I was the first time I heard all of them and songs like this become a part of who we are, I think. There are many more and hopefully will continue to be, but here are a few.

David Wilcox- How Did You Find Me Here
I was in High School when I first heard this song. After hearing a friend play "Eye of the Hurricane" from the same record, I bought a copy immediately. A few songs in, this track begins and I was sold. I don't remember where I was but I know it was through headphones that I first felt the weight of this song. It still haunts me, in a good way.

Sara Groves - When it Was Over, Why it Matters
I was sitting in my car about to go for a drive to clear my head when I saw Sara's record, "Add to the Beauty" still in it's packaging on the passenger seat. I had just had a long conversation with my husband about music and how I wasn't sure If I could or wanted to continue playing. When it was over is the first track and before the first chorus was over I was crying with a clear reminder of why I love music and why I write and play music. It was just what I needed. Later, Why It Matters resinated deeply with me as well. I'm very thankful for that record!

Andy Gullahorn/Jill Phillips- Ressurection
Jill, Andy's wife, released this song on her new record, "The Good Things" and I heard it for the first time this last week at Jill's release show. It is one of the most moving songs I've heard in a long time.

Rivers Rutherford- When the Lights go Down (made famous by Faith Hill)
I heard Rivers play this at a songwriters deal before Faith HIll recorded it and fell in love with the story. At the time I was working at some restaurants and the images in the first verse still stay with me.

John Gorka- Houses in the Fields
My husband played me this song when we were dating. We were driving around listening to music after some late night coffee and I remember falling in love with him even more, knowing that he had such good taste in music. :)

The Khrusty Brothers- Sympathy for Jesus
I don't remember the first time I listened to this song because every time I listen to it I put it on repeat for about 5 times after. Something about the raw emotion that Don conveys through this song is... well...I can't really put it into words. It reaches such a unique place in me that most songs don't dare travel.

Tom Conlon- Wake Me
Justin McRoberts Introduced me to Tom Conlon, I listened to this song on his ipod while we drove back to our hotel from a Compassion project in Ecuador. The context I was listening to the song through was just too much, too much.
"until one alarming day when heaven's first chair trumpet player and this whole world gets finally fully feels just like dreaming, I almost believe it, Just tell me I'll wake up forever one day... and it's just temporary things that I'm seeing..."

I'm so thankful God gave us music.


Dave said...

Great list... I recognize some artists, a few songs, but mostly... I'm tempted to go buy them all.

Yes... Music is a great way to tell a non-believer... yes there is a God... why else would we sing?


Phil Bennett said...

Oh yeah!! I agree with Dave. Finding a song that moves you is like the first date, first kiss, first...anything.

Thanks for sharing again,


And you shall lead... A life uncommon said...

finding a song that really speaks to you - particularly lyrically for me - is unlike anything else.

current songs i'm diggin' are:
this world by caedmon's (particularly the acoustic version)
your love is strong by jon foreman
how he loves - the best version i can find is eddie kirkland
theophany's version of holy, holy, holy
hope for the hopeless - a fine frenzy
it is well - siby varghese (the story behind this song just rocks me)
sit with you - hard to find a good version, but the best i've found this far is michael john clement's version.
and anything by jj heller off of her painted red album.

i'm going to look up yours when I get a chance. ...

I could list so many more songs that have impacted be in a profound way, but I don't want to seem like a total nerd, having never commented on your journal and all.

sharon said...

oh, david wilcox. "hold it up to the light" is that song for me. it was college. all sorts of decisions to be made then.

also, i vividly remember driving down a curvy road in franklin when we first moved here. i was missing home like crazy. listening to a little song called "iowa" helped... :)

javajanie said...

I'm thankful God gave us music and that He lead me to yours this week. It has really been a blessing to me and so has your blog. :)