Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Still here...if only in part

Being James' mother has given me more pride and more humility than I've ever had. It's a new exhaustion and a new energy, I am settling down and speeding up. I seem to be pulled in very conflicting directions at all hours of the day and I have a new appreciation for pretty much everybody.

The one thing that seems to be continuously moving forward is my heart as I love this little boy more more every day. I promise I'm trying to write more. I have so much I want to write about but as new moms all seem to know, my brain works differently now and the minute my thoughts start to move a direction I would like to follow (that might lead to a song or blog post) another thought trail begins, or James wakes up from his nap, or the laundry beeps, or I'm late for an appointment, or I realize I haven't eaten lunch and am about to fall over. :) I also promise this won't turn into a mom blog, but for now it's all I can think about. Here are some pictures of the last month.

Flying to Iowa for a show

Happy Face!

Sad Face :(

Sweet sweet little boy :)


Jessica Turner said...

I wouldn't mind it turning into a mom blog. :) Mine did. Would love to get together and meet your little guy - and introduce you to ours. Could we make that happen?

Ellen Wrede said...

Mom blogs are totally okay :). After all, you're supposed to write about your life on your blog and this is your life now, ja?

Becky Bartlett said...

It was so good to see your little cutie this weekend!! And I don't mind mom blogs either... it's real life!! :) I think James will be giving you lots of inspiration.

The Hansen's said...

ditto. bring on the mom blog! :)

Meredith & Eric said...

Cutest sad face ever. I sometimes feel guilty when sad faces make me smile... they are just so absolutely adorable, and James' is no different. So cute.