Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday. It's Tuesday isn't it?

Sometimes, when James goes down for a nap I hear a voice in my head. That voice is the voice of Padama from Top Chef saying “Okay, your hour starts... NOW!”.

And I fumble out of his bedroom and look frantically around the house to find the most pressing thing that needs to be done. More often than not this results in my getting nothing done because I’m so overwhelmed by how much there is to get done. It is not a way to live.

So right now, instead of working on the songs I should be working on, or cleaning my house for the dinner party we’re having tonight, or making a video for the new website, or packing the diaper bag so that when James does wake up I will be ready to go out the door to get an allergy shot, or go to the pet store to get Oso some food because he hasn’t eaten since his half breakfast yesterday when we ran out, instead of those things, I am sitting at my computer writing run on sentences.

Good Morning.


Fuad said...

I love this blog... one of my all time favorites. So real and honest, and humorous.
Happy Tuesday!

Dave said...

yep... music before house cleaning anytime... keep your priorities straight


The Hansen's said...

Your life sounds an awful lot like mine!!! I think I could have written that paragraph and just changed the names :) I sometimes have to ask myself this question "what matters in the next 15 minutes?" and do that first... it eventually all gets done, I promise :) Give that rolly poly boy a squeeze from me!

Becky Bartlett said...

So very very true... I often have to just sit and ponder the crazy list of things to do. Then sometimes pondering it makes me tired and a nap wins. I told luke the other day that our house will be clean again when our kids are in college! :) It is wild to do life in 1-2 hour chunks, isn't it??

Anonymous said...

It's taken me awhile, but now more often than not, with a totally not-guilty feeling I do nothing during naps - just to keep myself sane!! Good Luck with your little James!

emily wellnitz