Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Playing "Iowa" for the Iowa house

My dad is an Iowa House Representative and last month I got the chance to spend a day with him at the capitol in Des Moines. I played my song "Iowa" on the house floor at the beginning of the day. I also had the honor of playing at the Iowa prayer breakfast the next day. I am very proud of my dad and my time with him there was a great experience. He has made several videos during this years term and I made an appearance in this one so I thought I'd share it with you. At the end you even get to see me scared of heights at the top of the capitol dome!


Rebecca said...

That is pretty awesome that you got to play your song there! Iowa is one of my favorites of yours, and I've never even been to Iowa :)

Anonymous said...

That is amazing!! Your song, Iowa, is my favorite song in the world. Even though I do not live in Iowa, it is my favorite place to go. All my family lives there and I love every thing about it. It is so cool that you wrote a song that tells exactly how I feel. I love the corn, the open world, the city, sewing with my grandma, and all my friends and family that live there. Did you live in Iowa at one point of time? If so that is awesome, and thank you for making the best song in the world!!