Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Birth Playlist

When I went into labor in November, I asked my husband to bring me my computer because I needed some music. I needed songs whose lyrics could encourage me and connect with my heart. This playlist was in my itunes and it seemed to fit the bill. These are the songs that were on repeat for those several hours before and right after Norah was born. It turned out to be the perfect mix of songs of surrender, strength, and purpose. Thank you to you whose music is on here, your songs gave me courage!

Tell Me Again- Michael Olson and Sara Groves

Hallelujahs- Chris Rice

Leave It Up To You- Jill Phillips

Dig Deep- Elizabeth Foster (this was a crucial song for me, thank you Elizabeth!)

Love Will Always Find It’s Way- Pierce Pettis

Conversations-Sara Groves

Hymn- Brooke Fraser

Hallelujah-Bethany Dillon

Remember Surrender-Sara Groves

You Move Me- Pierce Pettis

I Am-Jill Phillips

Done Living- Justin McRoberts

Your Hands- JJ Heller

Seeds- Brooke Fraser

Great Big World-Pierce Pettis

Undone-Sara Groves

Rock of Ages (When the Day Seems Long)- Sandra McCracken

You Cannot Lose My Love- Sara Groves

Everything- Jill Phillips


Amy (Amanda) said...

Music played a huge part in helping me to relax and focus on God during my labor. I also loved "Your Hands". :) Mainly I listened to "Sing Over Me" (worship lullabies), which was just perfect. It was incredible to listen to "How Deep the Father's Love For Us" and consider Jesus' sacrifice while I was "sacrificing" my own body to deliver my son. Beautiful.

Rachel said...

I Googled "Birth Playlist" today in preparation for the upcoming birth of our first baby...I feel like God led me here! Thank you SO much for sharing...these songs are so beautiful and empowering, and I will definitely be using them!