Monday, September 15, 2008

Misc. Update

Hello from Dallas where the weather is surprisingly wonderful! I Know it's been a crazy and for some people devastating week here in Texas because of Hurricane Ike and I pray that those of you affected will find peace in all of it. It's been quite a year of natural disasters here in the states. Crazy.

Because of the storm, we've had to cancel some of the Hope Coffee Melody shows, and I'll miss seeing some of you in Houston, and meeting new faces. Hopefully we'll make it back there again when everything settles.

For now I'm enjoying a couple unexpected days in one place and am spending my time writing. I feel like I just finished You and the Evening Sky, but I'm starting to think about songs for the next record, which is always a fun period of time. That season before I feel like I need to write, and can just enjoy it. I think I'll do something different for the next record... we'll just have to wait and see what blooms. Funny how the winter tends to be one of my most creative times. I do love sweaters and hot chocolate. :)

Unrelated, but interesting, I read this article earlier on Zach's blog and thought it was a great story! If you like dogs, you'll love reading this.


Nelson Prater said...

Don't be so surprised at our wonderful weather! =)

OK, I'm surprised too.

Are you still in DFW? Perhaps an impromptu accoustic mini-concert would be possible?

Liz C said...

I had tickets for the concert that was supposed to be tonight. I am so sad that it was canceled! i was looking forward to meeting you and chatting about music and your songs. Hopefully you guys can swing back this way when things are normal.
Have a safe tour :)