Thursday, September 18, 2008

A week in photo's....

Still in Texas... The hurricane left a wake of beautiful weather which seems welcomed by the whole state. It's great! Here are a few fun pictures from this week:

The other day while we were driving we stopped at a gas station that had a Czech bakery inside and of course, everyone had to get something. I decided my safest bet was a texas shaped sugar cookie with red, white and blue sprinkles. I might as well embrace texas while I'm here, is what I figured. I didn't end up eating much of the cookie, BUT, the best part was that they wrote my name on the bag before they gave it to the cashier and when I sat down in the van to pull out my texas cookie, I noticed that my name was spelled right!! This NEVER happens. It's an easy enough name, but happens to have many spelling variations. Ali, Ally, Alley, Allie, Aly. I get them all. But it was right!! Alli. This totally made my day, as strange as that sounds. :)

And at lunch yesterday in College Station a nice guy who was eating with us, who goes by the name Frodo gave me the lid to his tea which happened to have a message that seemed especially pertinent to my specific situation:

It's kinda blurry, but it says: When in doubt, consult your inner child. :) Oh I will, and I am, trust me.

And here is a picture of the Palace Theater in Bryan, TX where we are playing tonight. (Chris is not at tonights show)

In other news... My sweet dog Oso is really sick. If you pray and do not feel strange praying for a dog, pray for Oso! I'm working on a video of him that I'll post soon. Until then...


Amy said...

Glad you're having fun, that people are spelling your name correctly, and all that jazz.

Definitely praying for Oso. I don't feel strange praying for dogs, but cats, well, cats are a different story.

Nelson Prater said...

Next time you're on your way to/from Waco on I-35, keep an eye out for the Czech Stop in West, Texas. Pick up some kolaches for yourself.

My personal favorites are their apricot-filled ones. Others in the family prefer the cream cheese-filled ones.

We never pass the Czech Stop without stopping for kolaches!

Matthew said...

Hey that cap is MINE!!!

J/k! You rock sista! Great music!