Thursday, November 6, 2008

Campaign Update

Although we hoped tuesday November 4th would be the day of determining my Dad's future in the Iowa State Senate, we have been left without a final verdict. My dad was ahead all night and many celebrated his win before absentee ballots were in. However, the absentee ballots have closed the gap more than we thought they would and we are left in the balance. Here is a statement from for those of you who are interested:

Many of you are asking us how things are going with the ongoing vote count in our campaign. We want to take this opportunity to give you an update.

As of tonight, and after counting an additional 143 absentee ballots today, we are leading by 65 votes out of over 31,000 total votes cast. There are still some votes left to be counted, including provisional ballots and remaining absentee ballots.

Results will not be final for several days yet.

Although there are no guarantees, we still believe that Walt will maintain his lead, and that when the counting is done, Walt will have won this election.

We will provide additional updates on our website at as they become available.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers over the coming days, and thanks for your support!


Lauri said...

How fun! Now it's all "controversial". Ha!!

The Neeleys said...

Alli! I'm catching up on your blog and am I correct in suspecting you are with child? If so, that is FABULOUS! Congratulations!!! -Kristine