Friday, December 19, 2008

Silent Stars EP up on Itunes!

The Silent Stars EP is finally up on itunes! Just in time for Christmas. :) I'm really proud of this project and hope you'll give it a listen and leave a review if you want.

There is also a review up about the EP here,


my blog was voted one of the top 10 artist blogs of 08 by!
I'm very grateful for the support!


Becky Bartlett said...

Hey there, friend! I love the Christmas stuff... very very nice. I just sent you a facebook message to take a look at... :)

Mike + Stacey Duncan said...

I bought the album on amazon yesterday! I love it! (I downloaded it) I let my husband listen to it last night, too, and he loved it as well! I hope you have a merry Christmas and enjoy your first Christmas as a mother! :)

Kris Hoskinson said...

i am listening to this album over and over in my car. love it! :)
merry christmas to you and kirk!
and congrats on being one of the top ten bloggers...

Liz C said...

I love this album. I watched your video of O little town of Bethlehem and figured out how to play it and I am playing it tomorrow at our candle light service at church. It is a breath of fresh air in the realm of Christmas music.

Merry Christmas :)

Kathy said...

Your friend Becky gave this to me for my (ahem... 30th) birthday. It is fabulous my friend. So great.

Memories are marked by songs and albums for me, this Christmas will marked by yours.

Many blessings to you.