Sunday, February 1, 2009


I've resisted.

and failed.

It's true, I joined twitter. I was a skeptic for a good while but decided to give it a shot. So if you know or care what twitter is, my username is allirogers.

maybe once I really get the hang of it I'll write a blog trying to convince you how great it is, but I'm still sorting out what I think. :) I have some friends like Justin and Keely who really love it so I'm taking their word for it!

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Mike + Stacey Duncan said...

hey alli! mike and i are coming to see you tomorrow at the dallas show - we're pretty excited! so i have a question - are you showing yet? i can only imagine it will be harder and harder for you to play guitar as you go along in your pregnancy! we will be sure to stop and say hey after the show!