Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Well I finally got to rock James to sleep for his nap today. The best 5 minutes of my month. Some other highlights from the past few shows:

-Being in my hometown (Cedar Falls, IA), seeing family and friends and eating my moms monster bars!
-an awesome gift of self purifying water bottles for the whole tour crew from my high school friend, Johnni. Thanks Johnni!! We love them! She also gave me a super warm pair of socks that came in handy for my next highlight...
-watching the snow fall in Eastern Kentucky! The down side of the beautiful blizzard that night was that our bus had to pull over on the side of the road instead of driving home for a day off, to a day whose to do list kept getting longer and longer... in the end I got back to Nashville around dinner time when I should have been there for breakfast. Not too bad considering the craziness of that 24 hours. After a crammed full day yesterday, ending with a great show in Elizabethtown, I got to come home for one more day with my favorite two boys on earth.

Four more shows left, North Carolina, Maryland, Georgia and Ohio. Thanks to everyone who has come out to the shows already this month! Hope to see some of you still.

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Johnni said...

Wow, I'm slow in commenting but glad you liked them. I figured you might need a little pick-me-up away from your boys. The original intent was just for you. Apparently when I find something I like I think EVERYONE needs it... Anyways, really great to see you. Always is.