Saturday, December 4, 2010

Madison, WI

Starting to find a rhythm.

It's been awhile since I existed on this schedule. Going to bed after midnight and waking after 8 or 9. My body is as confused as my heart, after two years of domesticating myself. It is a good kind of stretching. I know myself well enough to know that if my little world isn't shaken up every now and then I am in danger of building a cocoon around my heart.

Thank you to the sweet girls who ran my merch table last night and who, after witnessing my uncontrollable yawning, brought me a coke to wake me up! I don't drink coke, but the offer itself woke me up! So sweet.

We loaded the bus to the first snow of Madison. It was, like every first snow of the year, beautiful. I have several snow songs that have never made it on to a record...perhaps I'll have to resurrect them this winter.

There are 2 other girls with me on this tour, and we decided the bus needed a makeover, here is a pic of some of our work from last night. NOW, it's a Christmas tour. :)

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Vitamin Z said...

Was this last night? Wish I would have known! We could have had you over for dinner. :)