Thursday, May 22, 2008

A "Must Listen" list

Here is a list of other indie artists that have recently released new records that I've been listening to and I think you should too! Here is a brief description of them followed by some of my favorite lyrics.

Jeremy Casella, Recovery
This record is so moving I don't really even know how to describe it. If you asked me which one of these records to buy first, I would say this one.

From the title track, Recovery:
No one told you that faith would come easy
No one promised the way would be clear
Turn the ground in the fields of your story
While you're sowing the seed of your tears
Under skies wide and blue as the ocean
Make your peace with your own history
So much more than the sum of your longings
Are the good and the bad - all this beauty and tragedy

Waterdeep- Heart Attack Time Machine
Don and Lori Chaffer released this delightful collection of songs that I fall in love with more every time I listen. There is something so emotional about the songs that makes me want to weep (in a good way). It's my favorite Waterdeep record, and I think Don's too.

From Good Good End
I'm amazed by life
and it's amazed by me
we're a strange old pair, me and eternity
it don't make good sense, it ain't easy to see
but I'm amazed by life
and it's amazed by me

While you're at the Waterdeep site, you MUST check out the Khrusty Brothers which is some of Don's best work by far.

Andy Gullahorn - Reinventing the Wheel

There are only a handful of writers that have the ability to make you laugh and cry in the same song. Andy is one of them. I absolutly love this record. It's this sort of music I'm consistantly drawn to amidst the changing musical trends. Great acoustic licks, simple production and compelling stories.

Stories are hard to pull lyrics from cause you really need the whole song so I'll just tell you that my favorite sone on the record is "How Precious Life Is". if you have a minute, go watch this commercial he made for the record. :)

Steven Delopoulos- Straightjacket
Steven was the frontman for Burlap to Cashmere. He is now releasing his own material which is brilliantly querky and full of poetic lyrics that give me goosebumps. This is not for the casual listener, but for the music lover who wants something different to sink their teeth into. It's pretty incredible stuff. Even when I have no idea what he's talking about, it moves me.

From the song Wallfly
The ocean, salvation
Reflecting its kindness
By lending us rivers and traffic of stream
And building of mountains
with suit and tie static
and flies of scavengers running the team

Justin McRoberts- Deconstruction
Justin has released his best yet, in my opinion. The first song is amazing, you must check it out.

Chorus of Done Living
you see the question isn't are you gonna suffer anymore
what will it have meant when you are through
the question isn't are you gonna die, you're gonna die
will you be done living when you do?

Check em out!


Lindsay Rae said...

on the run, but i just wanted to be all "yay!" because I adore Steven Delopoulos' new album- I love the way you can't really pin him down at all, he's such an artist and a poet. Brilliant.

I could go on and on much the same re: the khrusty bros, also brilliant. recently i've been obsessed with the song "sympathy for genius" it's so great. as is time machine, i think my fave one on that album is "good good end."

and you've convinced me on the new justin mcroberts, i love what i have of his, it's hard to commit to buying a new album though...

will def have to check out the rest of these.

Dan said...

I just saw Jeremy Casella recently at The Union in Naperville with Andy Osenga and Eric Peters. I think at first he was my least fave, but as the night went on, I grew to like him more and more.

I'm not sure if I can agree on the J.McRoberts call. I'd still put "Father" and the "Untitled E.P." over "Deconstruction," but, hey, it's your list, so what's my opinion matter!

Some of my faves of late include The Weepies. I loved "Say I Am You," and "Hideaway" isn't bad, either.