Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Keyboard

We are selling my keyboard. For a smaller, more travelable one. (that should be a word if it’s not)

And tonight, when we set it into it’s black cushy case to be sent to a church in New Mexico, I started crying. Yes, crying over a keyboard. Actually, at first I just got sad and decided to say some words before I zipped it up.

“You were a great keyboard to me. I wrote closer to the moon on you... (this is where I started crying). I tried to learn to play on other pianos and keyboards before, but you were the only one that worked for me...”

I asked Kirk to say some words as well and I was reminded of that scene in Garden State when they bury Sam’s hamster. Kirk didn’t really know what to say but I knew that he was sad to see it go as well.

Considering the number of times I played “Great is Thy Faithfulness” on those little keys, it’s only fitting that it would go to a church.

Godspeed, keyboard, godspeed.


Anonymous said...

Oh Alli you made me sad, but it is good to be sentimental, I am convinced:) Sometimes I wish that inanimate objects like that could talk and tell their story to the new owner, so that they would know what a great song was written on those keys.
I await the next great song that is to be written on the new keyboard coming to stay at your house:)

Love, mom

Dan said...

Wow. I can't imagine getting rid of my first guitar. I think I would probably want to cry, though I'm not sure I would. You know boys and tears.

I just bought my first real keyboard two days ago. We'll see what joyful noise comes out of that...

Ellen said...

Oh Alli! I get the same way when I take clothes and things to Goodwill... I talk to them too :)