Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Transpire Project

In the spring of 06 I went on a tour with Shawn McDonald and Warren Barfield. It was my favorite tour I've ever gotten to be a part of because of the people I got to spend it with. We all had a blast together and I really enjoyed that spring. Scott Erickson was one of the people I loved getting to know because has such a unique personality with the kind of passion for art that is contagious. Scott painted live on stage during every show that tour and created amazing works of art that were sold at the end of each night.

Scott started a group called The Transpire Project whose goal is "to bring the making of art - the creative process - into public places." and he is doing just that. He's been involved in an array of different live painting events and has started a blog to document his journey. Check it out here! Scott is an amazing artist and I look forward to seeing where his creative process takes him!

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