Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More on Oso

Here is another picture of Oso for you.

Thanks for the advice! We are using a kennel, and he sleeps there at night and stays there when it's cold out and we're gone. He doesn't necessarily like it though... I’m assuming that comes with time. It's key for me to feel okay about not being with him 24/7. And i know i should feel okay about that.

I think Oso's mother is some sort of Cattle Dog (she has short black hair with prick ears) and his father is probably a Chow. It appears the other dogs in the litter were fathered by a Rottweiler. But the vet told me that it’s possible for there to be multiple fathers in one litter, which appears to be the case here. The other 3 puppies look like Rottweilers, short brown and tan hair. Oso is obviously the odd one out. And there is a Chow that roams the neighborhood that I think is the father.

If you’re not a dog lover, don’t worry. I plan to write much on non-dog related topics. Things like cats and birds and the strange stick/rock like bug that I found on my shoe yesterday that made me jump and drop it on the ground.

Kidding… unless I feel inspired (Annie Dillard style) I will probably stick to humans as my topic of conversation on this blog. ☺


Delaney said...

What a cute puppy! :D Is there a story behind the name, 'Oso'?

Alli Rogers said...

Oso is "bear" in spanish. The family who own the mother were calling him that so we kept it. Ironically, the Chow that I think is the father is named Bear!

Natalie said...

Alli, this is great great news! I love when outside dogs get to have a home! Now could you teach your Dad to love Lexie? Even a little bit? :-)

Very cute dog, and you can feel proud about taking him in! When I got Zoey (Lhasa Apso) like 8 years ago, I'm surprised she lived through the first week - chewed up all my wood furniture - couldn't be housetrained to save her life - got into EVERYTHING. But now, of course, she sleeps in my bed, eats whatever I'm having for dinner that night, and cuddles when I need a pal. Dogs really are great little people to have around.

Oso looks like he'll be a big boy - and fluffy! You should definitely bring him home next time you come so he can meet your "other" family!! :-) Are you bringing him in March??

We'll see you soon!

Alli Rogers said...

He is going to be big. :) I don't think i'll bring him to Iowa in March, but we'll see how his potty training is looking in a couple weeks...