Sunday, February 17, 2008

The D Word

So my life changed this week. I’ll give you 5 clues and see if you can’t guess what is different:

1. I’ve run out of swiffer wets
2. We have moved every pair of shoes from the front door to a nearby closet
3. I’ve woken up every morning for the last week at 7 without an alarm (this is a big deal)
4. We probably won’t be taking our living room rug with us to our next house
5. I’ve discovered that my backyard is actually a wonderful playground filled with sticks, rocks, and all sorts of weeds and plants that double as food and toys.

Can you guess what it is?

I don’t want to start this sentence with the words “we got a…” because that’s really not how it happened. But if I say “we took in a …” then I sound like I’m all proud that I’m sympathetic towards stray animals. The truth is I may be sympathetic towards animals, I just hadn’t really turned the animal sympathy side of myself on (out of necessity) until two years ago when I started taking allergy shots and became Alli the immune. So I am exploring this new side of myself that enjoys the companionship of dogs. There, I said it… dog. There is a dog living in our home and we feed him and put him to bed and let him outside to go “potty”. He came from an unplanned litter 3 doors down from us. I suppose you could say he is ours. I suppose I am slightly in denial. But it’s the truth.

Right now there is a black and white, 25-pound, adorable 2-month-old puppy lying at my feet eating a leaf he found on the kitchen floor that probably came off of somebody’s shoe. And since all the shoes are in the closet far away from his teeth, this must be the next best option. I’m learning so much from this four-legged creature!

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