Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life Lessons From Baking #2

#2 Never justify making a recipe that you know you can't resist eating by telling yourself you'll give most of it away. You won't, you'll eat it.

There is only one recipe I've found that is like this for me and I made it today. It's a vanilla wafer- like recipe. It's basically just butter, sugar and vanilla (and eggs and baking powder and salt...) and for whatever reason, every time I make it I end up standing at the counter staring at the tray of cookies saying "just one more" until the tray is almost gone. This results in feeling absolutely gross for the rest of the day. Cookie baking is a hobby of mine, and I can normally get by with a finger-full of dough and 2 cookies fresh out of the oven. I'm fine with sending the rest with my husband to work. But apparently, this vanilla cookie recipe will never make it to Kirk's office.

If I ever make them again.... I'll be sure there are about 10 friends over to witness the moment when they come out of the oven, because I won't make such a fool of myself with all of them watching.

Lesson I learned this afternoon?

If you can't resist the temptation of the cookie, then don't give yourself the opportunity to eat it.


Kris Hoskinson said...

oh the gross feeling after eating WAY TOO MANY fresh cookies. or dough. that is why i honestly don't bake, i can't resist! :)

Anonymous said...

I need this recipe:)

Love, mom

Anonymous said...

Kirk's office is too darn far away. Try your friends down on Wedgewood next time. Seriously. We like to eat cookies too.

Robin said...

First I have to tell you that I love, love, love your music. It is so much fun to get to know you on this blog, as well. Since reading about your love of cookies, I think of you everytime I bake :o) I'm certain that you have a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe but I must suggest one. I found my absolute favorite in an email that goes around from time to time. If you ever want to try it, check out Snopes for the Neiman-marcus cookie email. The story is long (and false) but the recipe they give in the email is the best and I will never use any other recipe again!
Anyway, I really felt I needed to share that with you.
Thanks for sharing yourself through your music and your writing, God has given you a wonderful gift.

Robin Heckman

Mike & Stacey Duncan said...

Sounds like a good song in the making....

Nelson Prater said...

Hey, Alli. Remember my cookies? Try this recipe for your dough:

1 Duncan Hines cake mix
1/2 cup canola oil
1 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla

Whisk together the oil, eggs and vanilla. Stir in the cake mix. There's your cookie dough.

Bake at 350 until done as you like.

Great combinations:

devils food cake + 1/2 bag chocolate chips or + M&Ms (especially good with mint M&Ms at Christmastime

lemon cake (everyone's favorite) -- roll in sugar (the cookie balls) before baking

spice cake

classic yellow cake (also roll in sugar)

classic yellow cake (roll in cinnamon-sugar for Snickerdoodles

orange cake mix + dried cranberries (I've made biscotti using this recipe)

The possibilities are endless.

The only cake mix I know for sure that won't work is carrot cake -- the bits of carrot don't soften up.

Duncan Hines seems to work best for me.

Bon apetit!

Jess H. said...

AMEN sister! Been there done that...WAY too many times!

Bonnie said...

To me this blog spoke deeper then the temptation of finnishing off anawesome homemade batch of cookies, which ive done too many times lol...

but on a deeper level, it reminded me of how too many times i keep putting myself in situations I know im gonna do the "i'll just do this little bit and then no more...well, it'll be ok if i just do that litle bit too..." and then as you so eloquently described as "feeling gross" i feel gross for the rest of the day.

I needed that reminder, and it's good to know im not the only one with a weakness for homemade cookies!

I love you girl! I'm glad to be able to say you're my sister in Christ. God bless you and keep up the awesome work! I'm so excited about this new album; hope to see you book some more shows in Florida. I saw you when you were touring with Shawn McDonald and fell in love with your guitars, your sound, and your poetry.