Sunday, June 1, 2008


The thing about owning a house is that weekends now come fully stocked with grass that needs mowing, weeds that need pulling, and other responsibilities that if ignored, would probably end up growing out of control in a kind of way that would defeat the purpose of having a house.

The thing about yard work is that sometimes in the moments when your fingernails are complete with a dirt manicure, your neck is sunburned, and you have stopped caring about the bug crawling across your left forearm, somewhere in there you think about that verse in the bible when God told man he would work the ground (with toil)

The thing about working with the ground is that there are all sorts of parables to be derived from insects that live under rocks and vines that grow over the fence.

Yesterday I noticed that what seems to overtake the established shrubs in our front yard are the small, shallow weeds. They curl up over the branches and leaves and grow like a web around the plant. It happens quietly and subtly, almost gently, like a hug they close in. Some of the ones I pulled last weekend were there again this weekend, taking their place, challenging me for the final word.

If my body is a dwelling of spirit and soul, maybe their needs to be a sabbath day of rest and a sabbath day of weeding.


Pete Wilson said...

There most certainly does. I pray you will be able to find that must needed rest for your soul. Great post.

Anonymous said...

had to stop by and say hi to another beuchner fan.....i dropped that book off for beth one day because i love him so much so it is probably around there somewhere at lpm....i love hin and had same exact reaction at sea world years glad to have found this site and will read yoor blog often...i see we have several favorite authors in common but he is so special and relatively unknown to so many !!!! Why is that???

jeremy said...

I hear you Alli...I just made a post on my blog about landscaping and lawn work. It sure is satisfying when it is all done, but man, it takes up a lot of time.

Nelson Prater said...

Imagine weeding and lawn maintenance times two. I also do my elderly next-door neighbor's yard. She was paying the last guy $25 a week. She pays me $50 a month. I said I'd do it for free, but she won't let me. She leaves thank you notes on the front porch for me -- to find when I drop off her newspaper there every morning. Sometimes she brings out a fresh limeade for me.

Weeding is good for the soul. My wife spent a lot of time sitting on a bucket out in the front flower bed weeding after my son moved away to Pennsylvania.