Tuesday, June 3, 2008

10 years from now

In April I posted a game called 10 years ago. Today I'm gonna do 10 years from now. So here goes!

10 years from now I hope I will have

1. finally read Mere Christianity (I know...can you believe I call myself a Lewis fan? And a Christian?!)
2. learned how to sew. something. anything.
3. children
4. become an awesome piano player!
5. traveled to Asia
6. a better understanding of scripture
7. no debt
8. an herb garden
9. written songs I am proud of
10. learned to love better than I know how today

What about you? Come on, even you Mark. You don't have to do 10 if you don't want. :)


Team35 said...

Was that a direct challenge? You know it’s hard for me to resist the competition. Here goes...

1. Still married to my red-headed bombshell of a much better half.
2. Have adopted children in need.
3. Have written another book, though it might take that long at this rate.
4. Maintain my title as World’s Greatest Uncle. You think I’m kidding. I’m not.
5. Write compelling speeches for Iowa’s First Daughter.
6. Produce a local public radio show that rivals This American Life in it’s ability to tell a good story.
7. Become president of our neighborhood association. 37220 rules, others drool.
8. Found a non-profit that owns, maintains and supplies transitional housing to single mothers and their children who were victims of domestic abuse.
9. Eradicate the weeds and moles from my lawn.
10. Become a bear trainer. Or at least, be able to play with a bear cub. I love bears.

p.s. If you really want learn how to sew, come over and learn from the best. I learned to sew from my wife (the best) when we were still dating. I made a flannel shirt. Very Pearl Jam of me..

Vitamin Z said...

Off the top of my head...

1. Have adopted a child
2. More in love with my wife and kids
3. Seen our church grow in love for lost people and for each other
4. Play amazing guitar solos that melt your face
5. Play more J.S. Bach on the piano
6. Be less attached to things and more attached to relationships
7. See healing in my extended family
8. See my kids trust Christ
9. Have more and want to give more
10. Travel overseas

The Neeleys said...

In 2018 I hope that I will have...

1. children who love the Lord
2. been to Europe
3. written and published a book (or two?)
4. plugged into serving and supporting a ministry I really believe in
5. loved people well
6. a dog or two
7. a home of our own
8. planted and seen the fruits of a garden with vegetables, wildflowers, and herbs
9. hiked the Grand Canyon
10. celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary and be close to our 11th


Dave said...

10 years from now... hmmmm,
I hope 10 years from now...
1.) i will have a house full of healthy and Jesus loving kids
2.) I will have a husband who still sees me as beautiful and fun
3.) I will be a part of a ministry that effects more than our church, but our whole community
4.) I will have lost my post pregnancy weight :)
5.) I will make my home my family's safe place and a favorite place to be
6.) I will not have a haircut that resembles a boy's hair-cut...aka don't go any shorter as my husband says :)
7.) okay, since we're dreaming... I'd love to adopt a child from out of the country :-)
8.) that my best friends today are still my best friends in 10 years
9.) that i will have and be able to manage a full vegetable garden and feed my family from it
10.) that I will know Jesus much better then I do today

fun :) Jess

Sarah said...

Hello Alli!
Love your music, have listened to it since your last album--love your insights in Kelly Minter's "No Other God" study--trying to get my study group to do the study this summer. Fun Game! Don't know if you're interested in a total stranger's answers but here goes:

1.I will have read the Bible from cover to cover (hate to admit that while I study it regularly, there's still books I haven't read...like Leviticus)

2.I hope to be married and have some babies

3.I will be rooted in one place, and hopefully own a home

4.Loving my family, friends and others well

5.Camped in the Grand Canyon, and rode the burros/donkeys down and up--always wanted to do that!

6.Own a dog

7.plugged in as a integral part of a ministry where I live.

8.Be less transient, and more rooted, but still travel frequently.

9.Seen more of Asia than just China (starting that this summer! :)

10.More evolved, less confused and focused about my vocation/calling.

So enjoy your blog--have a blessed day!

Mike & Stacey Duncan said...

hmmm.... well alli, here goes!

In ten years I hope I will have...

1. at least 2 kids
2. actually completed my masters and become a play therapist for a couple years before the kids arrive
3. gone to Israel
4. own a home (preferably in a more rural area, but still close enough to attend our church)
5. get to stay at home with our children
6. become a better wife for my beloved husband
7. led a Bible study
8. served Christ faithfully and wholeheartedly
9. become a gourmet cook (i'm dead serious about this!)
10. become organized

Nelson Prater said...

10 years from now, I'd like to be involved in something I can't wait to wake up and go do every day, whether it pays well or not.

The Art Of Light said...

1. Travel to every continent (except maybe Antarctica :) )
2. Have children
3. See Relevant Church grow into something amazing
4. Build my business into something God-honoring
5. Write/design/make a cool artsy travel guidebook about the world
6. Garden and be good at it
7. Become a really good cook
8. Go on a mission trip
9. Own my own home
10. Done something extremely physical (hike a mountain, marathon, ragbrai?)

Thanks Alli, it was good to think about this! :)