Thursday, April 3, 2008

A game for a rainy thursday- 10 years ago

10 years ago, I never would have thought I would:

1. Let a dog lick my face
2. blog
3. Live in the south
4. use and enjoy hot sauce
5. Marry someone from Texas
6. enjoy waking up before 8 am
7. love Harry Potter as much as I do
8. give up coffee
9. have control issues
10. exclaim in a loud, excited voice to my husband, "Come look! There are blue jays in our yard!"

How about you? What about your current self would surprise your 10 years ago self?


Project Horizon Overnight Staff said...
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my-green-bird said...

1. Think I would've married someone with the name Tosh
2. Move away from my family
3. Have ever seen the pain women go through while working in the DV/SV field
4. Be going on a Missions trip to Slovakia in 14 days
5. Missed a funeral of a family member back home because I moved
6. Would love trout so much!
7. Would find such a great "new" family in where we moved to
8. Can't seem to get enough of God and being a humble servant
9. Would fall in love with handbells and hand chimes so much
10. Would get to eat Mexican almost ever week since my husband hates it!

luke said...

ok cholula is pretty much the greatest sauce out there. i'm not kididng, i just wrote about it a bit on my blog. i take it with me to restaurants haha. and i don't really like hot sauce either. so good!

Nelson Prater said...

10 years ago, I never would have thought I would:

1. Ever weigh 190 pounds again -- I think I weighed that once in elementary school. (I weighed 315 10 years ago.)
2. Think a 20-mile run before work is not all that unusual.
3. Enjoy waking up at 3 a.m.
4. Have a SMU graduate son in PA, and an Austin College student daughter.
5. Miss my son and daughter so much that I'm almost paralyzed.
6. Write for the Dallas Morning News (volunteer Community Voice).
7. Enjoy any music more than Willie Nelson's (I LOVE Alli Rogers music!)
8. Wear cowboy boots every day.
9. Be so forgetful.
10. Be so blessed.

Jennifer said...

1. Feel more at home in Africa than in America.
2. Be grateful for the long, hard days.
3. Be captivated by a boxer(dog) named LuLu! ...although she's exactly what I always wanted....
4. Forsake my Jesus to the extent that I have in the past.
5. Move on...
6. Become so selfish.
7. Willingly work with kids....
8. Fall in love.
9. Be diagnosed w/ high blood pressure at 16
10. Be where I am today.

Jess H. said...

huh, this is kind of fun to think about...

10 years ago i never thought i would...
1. have short hair
2. skip working out to be with my kids (i used to run EVERY day...10 years ago!)
3. have a bald husband :)
4. have two kids before I was 30
5. like hot tea so much
6. enjoy going to a movie by myself
7. think sleeping in was 8am
8. drive a mini van...and enjoy it
9. enjoy gardening so much
10. feel so much love for my kids

Vitamin Z said...

1. Have three kids
2. Live in New Mexico
3. Play guitar
4. See the country in a touring band
5. Write songs for a living

That is all I can think of right now...

Mom said...

1.Have a white hair on my head
2.Eat dinner at the kitchen counter watching wheel of fortune with my husband
3.Have too much food because I made dinner for 5
4.Be addicted to facebook
5.Feel so blessed in life
6.Be married to a political candidate
7.Have the same wallpaper
8.Be content at home in my sweats on a Friday night
8.Have 2 married kids
9.Still be doing the same job
10.Miss my kids so much