Friday, April 18, 2008

By the Feet of a Little One

Imprints of tiny toes
mold the soft ground
on up the hill

I am heavy with breathing
with dreaming
and fear

the feet of a little one
a mystery
you are calm to anxious eyes
and sweet to the unsatisfied tongue

remind me how to remember
or to be content to not

I will drag on up the path behind you
in your silent pilgrimage


maybe there is something beautiful in not knowing
something deep

I won’t ask you any more questions
you will have to show me
the way


Anonymous said...

Hey Alli. Just found your blog through Spence and I love it. Thanks for this wonderful post.

"Remind me how to remember or to be content to not". Very similar to something I have been praying a lot lately.


H said...

This reminds me of being pregnant!