Friday, April 25, 2008

Thats your wave

The Sundance Channel has this series that I enjoy called Iconoclasts. They pair two people who excell in their field and film them spending time together. I've only watched one season, but one of my favorites is the one I watched last night with Eddie Vedder and Laird Hamilton. I'm an Eddie Vedder Fan, AND I love surfing, so I really enjoyed watching this episode. I don't know how to copy this clip into blogger, but here is a link to a clip of the show if you're interested.

my favorite quote of Eddie's was this:

With Laird it's hard not to watch him; watch his brush strokes, and it kinda gives you the courage to try a few things that maybe you normally wouldn't. When he says "that's your wave", you kinda gotta take it.

I love that.

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Anonymous said...

We saw you last night in Cincinnati. Great concert, my husband and I LOVED your music, lyrics, everything. We've been listening to your cd all day today! Thanks for making the trip and sharing your sound.