Thursday, April 24, 2008

Two highlights of my day so far

1. Wooden indians in the back of a pickup.

2. A restaurant I've never experienced called Potbelly's. I've seen it before but the name never made me think "Oh, Sandwhiches!" But, apparently, that is what they specialize in. And.... it was good. The highlight of the meal were these cookies:

Since you all know how seriously I take my chocolate chip cookies, it was nice to find that Potbelly's does as well. So thank you PotBelly's. For the cookies.


Nelson Prater said...


Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

Those cookies look AMAZING...especially since all I eat (or drink) is slimfast right now!!


P.S. Nicole keeps wanting more pants!! :-)

Anonymous said...

a) i figure out how to leave anonymous comments
b) brilliant find - maybe we'll have to re-test cookies when i come back in june ;) possibly the search for the best OATMEALchocolate cookie in nashville. think about it.
c) indians. truck. fantastic. :)