Monday, April 14, 2008

Official Release of "You and the Evening Sky"

Today is the official release day of my new record called “You and the Evening Sky”. (Don't ever know if I should capitalize the “and” and the “the” :)

As some of you have already heard me say, I’m very proud of this record and am so excited to share it with whoever wants to hear.

It’s now up on itunes, or you can order it from my website.

A couple people have reviewed the record and here is one review that floored me because I feel like she connected in a way that reminds me why I play music. It’s up on
Thank you Heidi for your words!

I've been blogging a little about certain songs, and will probably continue to do that. If there are songs that you'd like to know more about, feel free to email me. You can also hear more about the writing and recording of the record on the bonus disc which has dialouge between Don and I, as well some extra songs, and some nonsense. And yes, as some people have pointed out, we actually did do a cover of “Home on the Range”. And maybe most surprising is that that song is not part of the nonsense I mentioned. So I suppose it would be part of the... sense?

Here is a picture of Don and I in the studio, looks like I'm playing "The Things We Can And Cannot Keep" while Don ponders some brilliant idea as usual. :) It sure was fun recording this.


Linds said...

Congrats Alli!

Can't wait to hear your new stuff!


Anonymous said...

Wow Alli, what a great review! After all of your hard, hard work, and putting yourself out there, it is so great to read how much she appreciates it. I have to post as anonymous, can't remember my password for my account:)

Love you, mama

Jennifer said...

Alli....a month later, it's still in my top 5 :) It's a great album, the music's amazing, the lyrics spectacular! No...really. I mentioned this to Kirk, but I don't understand why the Kirk Dahlgren version of "Baby I believe in You" didn't make the record....:) I'm proud of you, Alli. Hope to see you again soon!

Nelson Prater said...

Congratulations, friend! We are all proud of you down here in Garland, Texas. It's an amazing album, and I love how each of your 4 albums are very unique and original, and still very Alli. I ordered 2 originally and have sent my second one off to a friend down in Austin. So, it looks like I'll be ordering more. I know lots of folks who need the blessing of Alli Rogers music. Come on down to Texas soon -- you provide the music, and we'll provide the Blue Bell Ice Cream.

jeremy said...

I'm going to look it up on itunes when I get home from work today. Looking forward to giving it a listen. Congrats, on what I am sure is going to be another great album.

j monteith