Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nashville's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

Who has the best chocolate chip cookie in Nashville? Last week, my friend Cal and I set out to find the answer to this question. We take our cookies very seriously.

After driving all over town to find the best options we ended up with 10 different cookies to take home and test. In alphabetical order:
1. Bread & Company
2. Cafe Coco
3. Christie Cookie
4. Dulce Desserts
5. Fido
6. Noshville
7. Portland Brew
8. Provence
9. The Wild Muffin
10. Whole Foods

There were a few places we would have liked to sample a cookie from but they were out of chocolate chip cookies. Rule #1 of owning any sort of food store: NEVER run out of chocolate chip cookies. They should be ashamed of themselves. We were distraught... but we persevered.

All but three of the places we stopped are locally owned. Every one of them bakes their cookies on the premise and most of them also make their own dough from scratch. I should also mention that the Wild Muffin is not an actual shop, but at least 3 coffee shops in town sell their baked goods so we thought they should be considered their own entity.

After gathering all 10 cookies we headed home to sample them. We scored the cookies based on 4 different categories: appearance, smell, taste, and texture.

Now, I feel like our results are pretty conclusive, but you have to consider a few factors.

1.Beverage choice. Both Cal and I chose alternatives to the traditional cows milk. I drink goats milk and she drinks almond milk. We're strange. We are aware that this could effect the taste of the cookies.
2. Preference. We both like different things in a cookie. Cal looks for a chewy goodness factor, while I tend to appreciate a crunchy exterior with a soft middle.
3. Freshness. We could tell that some of the cookies were fresher than others, but we tried not to let that deter our opinions. You can tell if a cookie was probably better the day before, or if it never really had any hope.

Overall, we tried to be objective and take all factors into account.
Here is our lineup:

By the end we were so full that we vowed not to eat another chocolate chip cookie for at least.... a few hours. :) After intense discussion... even Oso got in on it....

we decided that our winners were..... drumroll please.....

Gold All Around Winner

This cookie looked delicious and tasted pretty great too. We could tell the chocolate was good quality and although it was slightly dry, we knew that right out of the oven it would have been a heart melter. All things considered, it was a clear winner.

Silver Blindfolded award
Portland Brew
This may be the ugliest cookie in town, but it has the most wonderfully unique flavor! After eating all of the cookies this was the one I wanted to come back to and finish eating. Even Cal enjoyed the crunchy perimeter. And the fact that we love their coffee might have helped a little too.

Bronze Home baked award
Whole Foods
We agreed that this one stirred up a mental picture’s of mom’s and grandma’s. It was a great texture and the flavors all blended well. Eat this one if you’re feeling homesick!

Bronzette Photo Op award
Bread & Company

This cookie looked the most appetizing and we couldn't wait to eat it. Unfortunately it wasn’t as fantastic as we’d hoped, but it still looks pretty dang good and we thought it deserved recognition.

Honorable mentions: Cafe Coco for capturing Cal’s heart, and The Wild Muffin for best healthy cookie.

Congratulations to all of the winners! You’ll receive your free copy of “Cal and Al's Cookie Review” in the mail shortly. Just kidding. But at least you’ll see more of us the next time we want a good cookie. :)

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Nelson Prater said...

You've had my award-winning chocolate cooler surprise cookies, but obviously haven't had one of my chocolate chips cookies, or one of my chocolate-chocolate chip cookies. You can look forward to 3 dozen of those when you come to Texas again.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am so hungry for a good chocolate chip cookie now, and not fair that none of those places are available here in good 'ol CF. BUT, your mama's cookies will beat 'em all, right:) I see why Cal said you guys had so much fun!!

love you, mom

Delaney said...

I had so much fun readng this! :) And now I'm practically starving for a chocolate chip cookie... I'll have to see about remedying that.

Heart of Wisdom said...

This job must be fun...
It sure was fun to read. Thanks for sharing.


adamandjeremy said...

I think me and my wife saw you in Johnson City a couple years back. Come play in Asheville, NC soon!
Rock on.

Becky Bartlett said...

What a great adventure! Would be fun for you to do a taste comparison when you are back here in CF! Very creative way to spend some hours. :) Your mom might be able to beat these out though... especially if you were judging peanut butter M&M bars. I'm hungry apparantely... this is all making my stomach growl. Boaz says hello! He likes your cd in the car!!

Sanjaya Rocks said...

I have to disagree with your cookie list. YOU make the best cookies I have ever eaten. Especially the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. I still can't get mine to taste like yours.

Annie Parsons said...

My cookie obsession makes me obsessed with this post! If you ever want to do this again, for ANY kind of sugary treat, call me - I think that you and I would be friends! :)

Happy to run across your blog.

Anonymous said...

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