Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nashville Summers

It’s not every day you can take your dog to the symphony. In Nashville there are two days in a year and tonight was one of them. The Nashville symphony plays in Centennial Park a couple nights in the summertime and I was so grateful that it didn’t rain tonight. Oso and I got to the park right before they started playing the theme from Superman. We found a spot near the back of the crowd and I laid down the sheet I brought for us to sit on. My plan was to tire Oso out before things got rolling but I didn’t get there in time to do that so... Oso was extra alert. Luckily, even when he’s excited he’s still pretty chill. So he stood and sat and looked around anxiously, watching the kids playing next to us. One of them had red croc-like shoes that looked like cars and came up to show me how proud he was of them. His version of petting Oso was more of a tapping, but Oso seemed happy for the attention. My favorite song they played was the Olympic Fanfare and Theme by John Williams. I just love that piece of music and every time they use it in Olympic commercials I get so excited! (looking forward to the games this summer) It was great to hear it live.

10 reasons I love Nashville in the Summer
1. symphony in the park
2. Shakespeare in the park
3. movies in the park
4. the flea market (happens all year but is more exciting in the summer)
5. the farmers market, especially when the blackberries are ripe
6. fireworks on friday’s at the Sounds games
7. Sounds games
8. iced coffee drinks. (I know I can get these most places, but I have my favorites here..)
9. The green. It’s very green here. I love it.
10. Summer Concert series... these don’t really happen anymore but I keep hoping they’ll bring em back. Who is they? Who do I need to call?

Add your own town list if you want, or just come visit Nashville in the summer! But not in August if you can avoid it, you’ll melt.


Dave said...

Alli- i love your top ten lists! i am a list maker, so these fun blog entry's really excite me! Okay...my favorite 10 things to do in summer here in good ole Cedar Falls!
1.) pool with my kids, i love to close me eyes and listen to the noise at the pool- innocent and pure joy
2.) farmers market- i love Sat mornings when we get down to the market by 9am or so...it's like being at the beginning of everyone's day as downtown CF wakes up :) Hansen's cheese curds are always a first item bought
3.) Four Queens ice cream, even better when we go with friends on a spur of the moment thing
4.) campfires in the backyard
5.) Hartman reserve...being in the middle of this park makes you forget you are in town
6.) Sturgis Falls
7.) 4-H Fair (I know the farm girl in me comes out each summer during this yearly event)
8.)Arboredium (spelling?) most people don't know this exists, but it's a beautiful little place to spend a few hours- we usually picnic here
9.) Mulligans outside patio - I love to eat a late evening meal outside here by the bike trails!
10.) Movies Under the Moon (Overman Park, Friday nights! FUN!)
11.) OKay, I have 1 more I always look forward to...College Hill Arts Festival!

These listed above make me think of summer and it is what I always look forward to doing or being a part of :) Oh, the Cedar Valley is such a swell place to live! Thanks Alli! Happy summer to you in Nashville!! Jess

Mom said...

Ok I can't resist:

Here in Cedar Falls-
1. The downtown parkade, outside tables for coffee at Cup of Joe, Pablos burritos, etc.
2. Bike riding on the Cedar Valley trails, most summers anyway:)
3. Sturgis Falls event, strawberry smoothies and mini donuts, sitting on blankets listening to jazz music with friends in the park.
4. My pool and floaties and friends over to float with me in the hot sun.
5. College Hill Arts Festival
6. Sturgis Street Art Fair
7. Four Queens Ice Cream for a strawberry and orange twist!
8. Fresh veggies from the farmers market
9. Boating on the river.
10. Strawberry mango salsa at Pablos.