Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rocky Recap

It's been fun being at Rocky Mountain High again. I had such a fun time getting to know some great folks from all over the country. Thanks to everyone who was so encouraging to me throughout the week. God always reveals himself to me through other people. Thank You!

I got to hang with some great bands as well, Remedy Drive and Vota. Check out their music, they all have such great hearts and it was fun getting to hang out with them.


Anna M said...

I heard of you at rocky for the first time! And i am so glad that i did! You have truly been given a beautiful voice from God! I heard you and I was amazed! I met your husband at your booth and talked with him for a little while...that was cool to get to know a little about both you and him! I didnt have money for a cd but im trying to find one online or in a local store. Well i just wanted to say that you were amazing Alli! I hope to someday here you sing again in concert! Don't ever give up! God bless you! -Anna

Kirby said...

Alli, This was my first year at Rocky with my students, and the first time I heard your music. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift! I grabbed all your cd's and am enjoying them very much, as is my wife. May God be gracious to you in all you do. Maybe we can bring you back to the midwest to do a show or something. Thanks! Kirby