Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Your Spanish Dance

(For my friend, you know who you are.. :)

your life is worth a million songs
I don’t know where to start
maybe with the way I move
from hard to softer heart

for everybody has a space
to hold inquiries pose
behind the brown and hazel eyes
a steady fire glows

you fill the gaps with green and blue
a waking with the light
or sleeping till the dinner bell
and dancing late at night

the way you take a bitter day
with ease and changing chair
no matter rock or dirt or sand
the ground is always there


Anonymous said...

This is great. More poems for friends, please.

Nelson Prater said...

Beautiful! Thank you, Alli.

But, my eyes are blue. =)

Anonymous said...

alli, thank you. thank you. thank you. you know who i am ;)

Anonymous said...

hey, you need to write an awesome poem about me too! I think you know my handiwork by the masterful skill i display when abducting and delivering husbands to their own surprise parties. yes, i am t.s. elliot-worth...