Friday, July 11, 2008

Walt Rogers (the other Mr. Rogers)

We all have many titles that we stand under. Many names that we go by and answer to. You can call me by my nickname or my full first name (Allison), my maiden name or my married name, or some combination of them all. You can call me Kirk's Wife, Oso's Dog Mom, etc.

One name I have had since birth, and one that I am always proud to be called is "Walt's Daughter".

I respect my dad so highly and will always look up to him. He's andventureous and practical, a risk taker who is full of wisdom, a man who stands for truth and justice and lives to serve God in everything he does. Which is why I am so proud that he is running for the Iowa state senate.

I'm sure I will post more about him as we approach November. Check out his website!

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Anonymous said...

where's the campaign buttons? i would be happy to represent if only i had a campaign button!