Friday, August 29, 2008

Compassion Headquarters

I spent the last two days in Colorado Springs for a Compassion DVD taping. It was a training video for compassion artists and speakers and was a very fun time with a diverse group of people whose common thread is our passion for children. Here is a picture of Chris Taylor and I having some fun in front of the Compassion offices here.
(Chris and I are about to leave for a tour with The Robbie Seay Band!)

As we were touring the Compassion headquarters my eyes were constantly drawn away from the group and onto the artwork that decorated the walls. It was artwork done by children that are a part of the compassion program and it was beautiful! Some of their creations were also heart wrenching, a mixing of trees and flowers with guns and symbols of war. I’m aware that for some of those kids, that is their reality and it breaks my heart. But it also brings me hope because the fact that their picture is up on the wall means that somebody is writing that child letters letting them know how special they are, and somebody at their church knows what their favorite sport is, knows where they live, and is loving them with the love of Christ. I can't tell you how much I respect this organization. Please check out the work they do!

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Amy said...

I'm glad that you and Chris finally got to hang out. I'm jealous because you both would have been super fun! :) All my deep insight went into other writing projects today, but do you know how much I appreciate your gentle insight? Seriously, you rock. I love your heart.