Friday, August 1, 2008

Stereo Subversion

I forgot to post a link to this interview with Brian Palmer of a website called Stereo Subversion. They have some great interviews up there, including one of my favorite writers, David Wilcox. When Brian and I talked on the phone for this interview I kept telling him how bad I am at interviews... so it was nice to read it back and see that I made some sense every now and then. :) Thanks Brian!

Check it out here.


Miso H. said...

Hello Alli, I dont know if you remember me (we met at Lumen Festival in Trnava, Slovakia). And to this time I have you postal address (I should send you photo of ours, but I forgot, sorry.. but address I still have). I really welcomed your blog... and I read it :) I just wanted to tell you, that keep writing and keep making songs and lyrics :) They are wonderful! Wish you all the best (and maybe I should write you a letter, if I have your postal address.. I hope it is still actual :) Miso

Amy said...

Awww, Alli, you are definitely not bad at interviews! Now, come on, girl, where's your positive self-talk about this? :) When you told stories about your songs, I was captivated. If you were a "bad interviewee" I would've started playing solitaire on my computer, so there you go. :)