Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympic Musings

For the last two weeks I have been captivated by the drama of the Beijing Olympics. My jaw fell as I watched the opening ceremonies, stunned by the creativity of Zhang Yimou and moved by the significance of so many bodies acting as one. From that moment they had me. My husband and I spent many of our August evenings watching race after race, game after game, in awe of the dedication and possibility in Gods diverse children.

Tonight as they were showing clips from various sports I started crying. This has been a common occurrence while watching the olympics. I am moved by the raw emotion one exudes after achieving a goal, or failing to achieve a goal. And these athletes are not putting on a show for the camera's. At times I almost felt like I was seeing something I shouldn't be seeing, it felt too personal.

I think when anything stems out from our physical bodies, the emotional companions are intense.

when an athlete lives and breathes their sport, when they eat and sleep according to what will benefit their performance, when they dream of nothing but becoming better, even the best, when their goals drive them for years prior to one specific event... that event must be monumental!

I know every athelete in Beijing has been told in their life that they could not do it. Whether they heard those words audibly or in their own head, I know they heard them. And so to watch the tears come after a race is won or lost, moves me deeply. At some point they had to choose to follow a different voice. This requires courage. The fact that they have even made it to the starting line reveals courage.

And so... I am reminded to dream, to work hard, and to remember that I can only control what I can control. What matters is putting everything I have out there with abandon. As much as I would love to win the race and as much as I would love to be validated in my work, all that I can control is how much of myself I choose to give.

I think I'll go watch Rudy or something now... or listen to some Morgan Freeman commercials on utube... or at least drink a Coca-Cola. :)


Becky Bartlett said...

I cried at the recap thing too... thanks for the thoughts!!

Kris Hoskinson said...

i love how you put into words why the olympics is just GREAT to watch. :)

Jenna Davis said...

love it - so insightful. i think i may even steal a quote from you on this one:) so good chatting with you the other day, it'd been a long while! and even more excitied that i found this profound blog of yours. have a great time in north carolina without me this weekend! take care girl!