Thursday, August 7, 2008

Further Thoughts on "The Things We Can and Cannot Keep"

Cinnamon reminds me of my Grandfather. A couple years ago when I was adorning my baked oatmeal (my mom's speciality) he watched me shake the cinnamon on there and said "you can never have enough cinnamon!". For some reason I think of that every time I use the spice, and in honor of him I normally add a couple additional shakes to whatever it is I'm peppering.

Often when I replace a role of toilet paper I remember a conversation I had with a high school friend, Ben, who said that it drove him crazy when people put the roll on so that you have to pull the paper from the back instead of the front. What?! Why do I remember that?

It is not uncommon for me to brush my teeth and think of an episode of Seseame Street where they taught me to brush in circles on each tooth. And I still do. Brush in circles.

Macaroni and Cheese will always make me feel at home. The words Salisbury Steak will forever trigger images of my elementary school lunchroom. And the smell of bleach or chlorine immediatly transports me to the girls locker room during diving practice in high school.

Today I was talking with Amy on the phone and when she asked me about my song The Things We Can and Cannot Keep, I thought of some of these quick pictures of my life. The things I remember and (for sometimes arbitrary reasons) carry with me. Will I get to keep them? Will these things still be a part of me when this world is gone? Or more than just a part? There are so many people and places that have meant so much to me here. I just often wonder what we will be like on that day when all things are restored...


belowatime said...

"Will I get to keep them..."

...I wonder about this all the time. Will I get to keep these memories of my children? I feel I've forgotten so much already.

Thanks for this thoughtful post.

calaismarie said...

unreal, i still think of ben every time i change a toilet paper roll as well

Jessie said...

Hi Alli,

This is Jason's sister, Jessie. Wow, I can REALLY relate to this post! I love memories and how we all tie them together in different ways. Sometimes all it takes is one word to transport me to a different time. Beautiful song too! Thank you!