Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tammi and Elizabeth

There are a lot of ridiculously talented people at my church. Visual art is in constant rotation and a few times a year we host concerts for the musicians. This past tuesday was an amazing show put on by my friends Tammi Rhoton and Elizabeth Foster. It was so moving and I want to share their music with you as well.

Tammi just released her new record called "For the Weary and the Broken" and it's a beautiful and sincere collection of worshipful songs. My favorites are Beautiful Savior and Broken Hallelujah's. I also cowrote a song on the record called Come on Home. Listen to her music on her myspace page!

Elizabeth blew me away the other night with a song of hers called Dig Deep. It's on her myspace page as well and I'm still singing it to myself as a reminder...

Dig deep girl, dig deep girl
cause there's more below the surface than what you see girl
too many people need your help to keep your eyes upon yourself
so dig deep, dig deep, dig deep....

Listen to this song and other great songs at Elizabeth's myspace page. She is also a seriously fabulous visual artist, you can see some of her work on her website.

Thank you girls for inspiring me!


Vitamin Z said...

Elizabeth used to babysit for us! She was so great. Tell her that Taylor is almost 6 now and we have three kids now. Hope you are well.


Liz C said...

Alli, this post has been a huge way that God has spoken to me in the past 2 days.
between your song "come now my love" and the song dig deep, god has been reminding me just how fragile and breakable i am, but how huge and healing he is.
check out my post "fragile heart" on my blog for more details
thank you for your songs and your heart.