Thursday, March 20, 2008

Aaron Douglas

Was having a hard time writing today, I couldn't seem to draw anything out of myself. So I went to the Frist Museum to see an exhibit of works by Aaron Douglas, an artist from the Harlem Renaissance. I still haven't written any great songs today but I left the Frist completely inspired. I'm pretty speechless and cannot believe I've never seen his art before. I am overwhelmed by the amount of life that exudes from every piece.

This painting is called "Into Human Bondage" (this picture I got online doesn't do it justice, if you ever get the chance to see his art in person, please do)

"...we must let down our buckets into our own souls where joy and pain, mirth and sadness, still flows swift and deep and free, and drink until we are drunk as with an overpowering desire for expression."
-Aaron Douglas
Letter to Alain Locke, June 1925

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