Saturday, March 29, 2008

Life Lessons From Baking #1

Life Lesson from baking # 1: Always butter the pan before you start mixing ingredients. You're less likely to forget that way, and more likely to have a successful baking experience. It's also good to put most recipes directly into the oven after you are done with the dough or mixture. A prepared pan or dish ensures a speedy transfer.

What I've learned: When I think to do something, I should do it right then instead of waiting for a better time.  There will never be a "better" time. 
real life example: get gas when the light comes on.

*This is the first in my "Life Lessons from Baking" blogs :)


Nelson said...

Hello again, dear friend. I heard a great quote today, and I thought of you, and it pertains to this -- getting better.

The great cellist Pablo Casals at age 84 was still practicing his cello 4 and 5 hours a day. He was asked, "Pablo, you're the best in the world. Why do you still practice like this?"

Pablo replied, "I have a notion I am making some progress."

Our Family: said...

Hey Alli,
I found you through Emily's blog :) We think of you often and missed you at the Easter Egg Hunt this year :)