Friday, March 7, 2008

On the road again...

Today we are driving to Iowa for the CD release show on Sunday. There are a few things that could make this an interesting trip.

1. The CD’s aren’t back from the printer yet. We can’t leave town until we have them, since it is the CD release show and everything. I have to have something to release.

2. We are taking Oso with us. Ummm…. Not sure what else to say about that other than, I hope all three of us are still speaking to each other by the time we get there. Kidding. Okay like 80% kidding.

3. We are heading into the great white north, dropping about 40 degrees in temperature, and probably driving through many areas that are under “winter storm warnings” or have had “winter weather advisories”. And the meanings to those phrases vary greatly in different parts of the country. Where we’re going they actually mean it. What they should say in Nashville is “reckless drivers warning” or “winter scare advisory”.

No offense to all you proud southerners out there. I do love the way you cook your vegetables. I could eat squash casserole and some fried okra all day long. There are other things I love about living here too, another blog perhaps.

For now, I must finish packing and pray the CD’s get finished soon so we can hit the road.

See some of you in Iowa!

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Nelson said...

Hello, friend,and greetings from Texas! You might send a press packet to:

Michael E. Young, Religion
Dallas Morning News
508 Young St.
Dallas TX 75202

Michael reviewed your last CD for the paper, and I have already mentioned to him that you have a new CD coming out. He might be able to review your new CD as well.