Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Why do I find this:

…so humorous? I never would have even seen it this morning at the allergy doctor if I didn’t go to the first floor bathroom because there was a line at the 2nd floor bathroom.

This makes me think of my friend, Marie, who just moved to Toronto. She would also think this is very funny. I can always count on giving her extremely random birthday cards and watching her erupt into the same laughter I experienced when first reading it.

Marie and I met in 7th grade and have stayed close ever since. Well, except our one huge fight where we didn’t talk for months over something neither of us remembers. We were living in a 2-bedroom apartment with 3 of us, and Marie and I thought we could share a bedroom. Surely it would work great since we were the best of friends, didn’t do anything without the other. As some of you know, best friends make horrible roommates. I think it’s just a fact. Well, unless you live with your spouse who is also your best friend, which is a different story. Anyway, it didn’t work out so great, us rooming together. It’s too bad too, cause it was a great apartment. ☺

Today we are great friends and I miss her terribly up there in her own other country. And this is making me think about the concept of friendship and how we need those friends who have seen us at our ugliest and our most triumphant. Who know what things bring us the most joy and what make us laugh uncontrollably. Who have been hurt by us, and us by them, so that forgiveness can do it’s heart-changing work. There is something to a relationship that has seen mountains and valleys.

I’ve been in Nashville 6 years now and realize how rare it is to have a friend like Marie. It takes time and experience to build trust. My husband and I have great friends here; friends that we are living life with and know we can count on like family. But maybe the ones who already know the best and worst of our past are in a category all their own. I don’t know.. I’m sure I will keep growing in my understanding of relationship. I do wonder what our friendships will look like in heaven, don’t you?

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